studio kajsa rolfsson


 Pattern Design

Patterns and ornaments have fascinated me since I was a little. It’s something special about their rhythm and how they can tell a story that catches my eye and mind. I’d like to share this passion through my work.

I’m glad to work with clients all over the world and see my pattern bring joy is the best. You’ll find my patterns on all sort of products as clothing, stationary, wallpaper and phone cases. Some clients choose a pattern from my pattern catalogue and some bring me a brief or an idea and want me to design something exclusively for them.

How does it works?

When selling a pattern I tend to use three different ways depending on what fits me and you as a client best:


I license the rights to a client, through a written contract, to use my art on their products for a certain period of time. The client pays me royalty of total sale to use my patterns for a specific market, geographic area and time. Royalty can differ between 3 % to 15 % depending on the market and the client.

Flat fee

The contract is the same as a licensing agreement with specifications on what products the pattern will go on, where the product will sell and a time frame for the usage.  I retain full copyright but we both agree to a set fee. Most of my small business clients prefer to use this.

Outright sale

An outright sale means I sell the pattern and the client retains legal right to the pattern and is free to use it as pleased for all future.

Pricing guide

Please contact me for a pricing guide and more information on how I work.

Some recent works